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Jerome Kern: Lost Treasures


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 Anne Sciolla, soprano
Brian Kovach, piano

I Want To Sing In Opera (1911)

A Little Thing Like A Kiss (1913)

The Edinboro Wriggle (1911) 

Katy Was A Business Girl (1906-1907)

Whistle When You're Lonely (1909-1910)

Take Care (1908) 

Ballooning (1906-1907)

Mind The Paint* (1912) 

If You Would Only Love Me* (1912)

I'm Well Known ((1906-1907)

I've A Little Favor (1906-1907)

Call Me Flo (1912)

By The Country Stile (1913)

Blue, Blue (1906-1907)

An Irish Husband (1913)

Nothing At All (1908)

Suzette And Her Pet (1909-1910)

Since The Days Of Grandmama (1912)

The Ragtime Restaurant (1912)

Hoop-La-La Papa (1912)

A Little Bit Of Silk (1913)

Bill's A Liar (1906-1907)

Oh You Beautiful Spring (1912)

De Goblin's Glide (1911)

*Sung by Miss Billie Burke


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