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The Art of Brian Kovach in Public Performance


A list of Brian Kovach's most recent accomplishments includes:


Appearance on WFLN/Philadelphia Orchestra Fund Raiser, with Philip Kates, violinist with Philadelphia Orchestra

Appearance on WFLN Cunningham Piano Hour...performance and interview

Performances of Contemporary Music in the Philadelphia area and Princeton

Philadelphia Orchestra, keyboard/sub pool (as noted above)

Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra (keyboardist)

Orchestra Society of Philadelphia...soloist and keyboard

Old York Road Symphony Orchestra, soloist and keyboard

Performances at the Curtis Institute of Music

Performances at Temple University's Esther Boyer College of Music, Rock Hall

Performances for the Matinee Musical Club, Academy of Music Ballroom

Performance for the Community College of Philadelphia's Board of Trustees

Lecture/Performance at the Glencairn Museum (entire Kovach family)

Performances for CCP's Cafe of the Mind, 3 consecutive years

Historic Performance of Louis Gruenberg's music and the Gruenberg Memorial Concert, Free Library of Philadelphia with Philip Kates

Recital series with Xiao-Fu Zhou, violinist


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